Member Benefits

The Wisconsin Narcotic Officers Association (WNOA) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization of over 350 members to include: active and retired, Federal, State and local law enforcement officers.  The goal of WNOA is to increase the communication between officers and agencies involved in drug investigations within the State of Wisconsin.  This professional organization will allow for the sharing of intelligence information, quality training, legislative issues and it will promote the exchange of new concept, techniques and equipment that is available for narcotics investigations in the State of Wisconsin.  The WNOA has become a leader in providing the highest quality training available today at little or no cost to the agencies and departments.  The WNOA holds two training conferences per year, which have developed into the premiere events of the year and is widely used by state, local and federal agencies as a training venue for their officers and agents.  Any LEO having desired training suggestions or needs can contact any of the WNOA board members to make arrangements to sponsor training. 

The goals of the WNOA are not only to provide the best in training, but also to promote multi-agency contacts among narcotic agents around the state and to promote anti-drug awareness.  The WNOA closely monitors legislation that may affect law enforcement on state and national levels.  Though not a lobbying organization, the WNOA has a loud voice through its large body of members.  The WNOA is united with a large coalition of other state and national narcotic officer associations.


Exclusive Training

Keep up-to-date on the latest Drug Trends and Investigative Techniques.


Networking Opportunities

Learn from the hundreds of Drug Investigators throughout the State.

Access to the Latest Technology

We have members who are trained in the latest technology.