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Vol 25, No 2

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DCI Drug Investigation School

Who Should Attend:
The training is an intensive two-week course providing new narcotics investigators with the necessary training to conduct thorough drug investigations and combat dangerous drugs in their Wisconsin communities.  It focuses on teaching investigatory best practices to promote officer safety and communication and increase the likelihood of prosecutions and convictions of drug traffickers.

This two-week course is designed for those assigned to part-time or full-time narcotics investigation roles who have not attended as similar course.  The training is designed to provide the foundational topics to conduct investigations of drugs distribution and drug overdoses in the attendees’ communities.


Course Content:
The DCI Drug Investigation School is a basic but comprehensive course on techniques and approaches to investigating and managing controlled substance investigations.  Course topics will include:  Drug Trends and Identification; Interviews; Informant Management; Tactical Considerations; Controlled Buys and Surveillance; Consent Searches; Body Wire Usage; Prescription Pill Diversion; App-based Communications; Marijuana Investigations; Clandestine Laboratories; Search Warrants and Court Orders; Overdose Death Investigations and more.  Students will also participate in two days of practical exercises in the areas of Undercover Operations, Consent Searches, Controlled Buys, and Interviews.


Course Selection:
Enrollment requests for this course typically exceed the number of available seats.  Selection criteria will be based on the length of time an attendee has been in a full time narcotics investigation position for preferential selection.


Training Location:
Hilton Appleton Paper Valley
333 W College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors

House Bill, H.R. 1525 – Fair Act of 2023

“FAIR Act of 2023” stands for Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act of 2023

View House Bill H.R. 1252

  • Abolishes administrative forfeitures
  • Funds derived from forfeiture cases go to Treasury General Fund rather than to DOJ and DOT
  • Ends the Federal Equitable Sharing Program
  • Burden of proof on government to establish forfeiture is raised to clear and convincing evidence
  • With respect to property used by non-owner for unlawful use, burden shifts from owner to government to show the owner was aware of unlawful use and failed to take reasonable action to stop such use

What can you do?

The National Narcotics Officers’ Association’s Coalition (NNOAC) is asking every State Association Executive to contact their representatives in the House and Senate in your areas and let them know what a devastating blow this would be for law enforcement in this country and especially drug law enforcement.

Download a copy of the opposition letter written August 2023.

H.R. 4639 – “The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale” Act

View House Bill H.R. 4639

Excerpt taken from a letter drafted by the NNOAC and partner organizations.  To read the full letter, click here.

  • This legislation will produce significant public safety consequences
  • Restrict law enforcement’s access to critical investigative information that is utilized every day to combat violent and serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sexual exploitation, terrorism, and threats of mass violence.
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